Do you currently have an aging surveillance system with older analog style cameras? We can incorporate them into a new IP cameras system saving you money.

Reduce some of your upfront costs by upgrading just your most critical cameras and using your old cameras where it makes sense until they completely fail and need to be replaced. Save money on the camera itself as well as the wiring needed

Encoders are the perfect plug-and-play solution for those looking to migrate from analog to IP cameras.

How It Works

A video encoder converts a standard analog video feed into a digital stream, allowing you to send the captured digital images over an IP network. This allows you to view live images on your IP network using video management software like Video Insight. The video encoder allows you to combine IP- and analog-based cameras to get the most out of your current system.

Leverage legacy system

Encoders allow you to easily connect analog and IP digital cameras to your network, and get the best image quality out of your system.

Remote and Centralized Surveillance Made Easy

Connecting your analog system to an IP network gives you incredible benefits and the flexibility of remote viewing, allowing you to monitor cameras via web and mobile clients.